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Best Road Trip Ever: Pt 2

So.Many.Pictures. These are the pics from the last leg of the trip, starting from Yachats, OR and ending in Sacramento, CA.

Unfortunately I didn’t include the pictures Mike took of our hellish drive on the mud roads of the redwood forest. But still got some fun ones in here.

Enjoy…and also make sure to scope out Pt 1…


Best Road Trip Ever: Pt 1

We flew into Seattle on a Monday, got our rental car (Phyllis The White Dragon) and headed down the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California through Thursday landing in Sacramento for a few days to spend time with friends.

I took an obscene amount of pictures, and still haven’t gotten through them all. Here’s what I have so far…

Meet Sean!

Meet Sean…he wants to work at your radio station! And he has good taste in photographers.

We headed out in my hood for some ‘cool urban’ shots, and I hope I pulled it off. Also snuck his wife in for a pics. These are some of my favs…

The first one I threw in just ’cause I’m in it and I think it’s cool. So, there.

April Showers

Took my camera out for the first time in a while today. Went on an extra long walk this morning. Here’s what I saw…

Nom Nom Nom

This weekend was filled with good times and sinful foods. Will be hitting the gym this week to make up for it…but it was worth it…



Tonight at a station even I got to take pics of Andy Grammer, Parachute, Default, and Hanson. Aside from taking pictures, I told Andy Grammer (who is totally hot) that he was hanging out with hood rats, and I learned that I can take pics with one hand while drinking beer with the other. All in all, an eventful evening.

Here’s some the proof…


Tonight I’m excited to be taking some pictures of Hanson in concert! Those will be coming soon, in the meantime, here’s some stuff from this week…

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