Cerebral Pinups For The Visually Starved


Well, here I am, back from Vegas and left with no voice. Not from shouting from the rooftops, but probably from being around thousands of gross people coughing and hacking all over everything we touched. Went to the doctor today and found out I have laryngitis and some other infection in my throat. Not allowed to talk for the next several days.

So today was spent laying on the couch watching documentaries next to a cup of hot tea and a humidifier. And now going through the very little pictures I took in Vegas.

For years people have been telling me they couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to Vegas…it’s “my kinda town.” But now I’m wondering how well those people knew me. Wasn’t a big fan. Which seems like almost a crime to say. We just wanted to get drunk in some fun bars. But any of those said bars would bankrupt you. Or they’re casinos, and we didn’t want to gamble.

It seems like everyone was straight out of Jersey shore or The Hills. People showing off how cool they thought they were, and maxing their credit line while doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, we did have fun. Just not the kind of fun we were expecting. Not really our scene I guess. Plus it’s too effing hot! We did enjoy the old strip though, cheap drinks, but mean strippers.

Anywho, I wasn’t inspired much to take pictures and holding my drink was more important than my camera. So here are some of the shots I did manage to take…


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