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OMG! Updates!

Repeatedly I promise to make this ‘daily’ photoblog daily. Life gets in the way I guess. So, sorry to the one person that actually checks this site.

We’ve decided that Sundays we’re doing ‘family dinners’ or ‘family brunches’…which is basically an excuse to cook some good food and sit around and enjoy it with some tasty booze and with various friends that want to join in. And maybe a game or 2 of Clue. This is week 2, and since I haven’t updated here in a while, this post includes pictures from last Sunday and this Sunday. Along with some other random pics.



Lazy, Just Lazy

Haven’t taken my camera lately. Here’s some cold leftovers…

Gray Monday

Went for a coffee walk once again today. Here’s the proof…


Had plans to go to a nearby lake and shoot pictures today. But canceled those plans when I awoke to gray overcast skies. So instead I stayed home, cleaned, watcher Natural Born Killers, and shot artsy angsty looking pictures of myself in a window.

Please keep in mind these are very minimally Photoshopped, I have on no makeup, am unshowered, and have some super sexy chapped lips.

These pictures can either be used for the booklet of my album, or posters for a Hot Topic campaign…


Today on our coffee walk I mostly shot these little street art signs that I found pretty entertaining. I also have a new found fire under my ass about getting a real website and actually trying to make a little extra money with my camera. Will keep ya posted.

Back Log

One again I’m behind on pics. Oh wells. Here’s some catch up photos from the past week including, coworkers, dudes from The Fray, and today’s breakfast (eaten while listening to the new amazing Adele album!).

Ruby Tuesday

Not much to report today, just some pics on my coffee walk…

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